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    IAOIP Innovation Measurement Standard Challenge

    IAOIP has partnered with Spigit to crowdsource innovation measures via the Innovation Measurement Standard (IMS) Challenge with IAOIP members and the global public to determine the various ways innovation is measured across industries.

    Challenge Question:

    How do you measure Innovation?

    {"currentDescription":"In this phase, participants may continue to comment. Experts evaluate the top measures.","currentPhase":"Expert Review \u0026 Refine Measure","enddateepoch":1543327200,"days":6,"completed":false,"phases":[{"phase":1,"name":"Soft Launch","description":"In this phase, participants may submit ideas edit measures, comment and vote.","progress":100,"percent":27},{"phase":2,"name":"Submit, Comment \u0026 Vote","description":"Open phase for the submission of measures. Participants can also vote and comment.","progress":100,"percent":37},{"phase":3,"name":"Expert Review \u0026 Refine Measure","description":"In this phase, participants may continue to comment. Experts evaluate the top measures.","progress":56,"percent":18},{"phase":4,"name":"Head to Head (Pairwise Voting)","description":"In this phase, participants may use Pairwise to vote on the top measures.","progress":0,"percent":9},{"phase":5,"name":"Top Measures Selection","description":"Top measures are selected by Challenge Sponsors.","progress":0,"percent":9}]}
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